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Vsmile Travel Electric Toothbrush 2200mAh Battery Toothbrush Sonic Tooth Brush 6 Replacement Brush Heads, V1 Black

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Ultra Long Power (65-80 Days) on a Single Charge.
Wireless Inductive Charging & Dual Overcharge Protection.
5 Brushing Modes Meet Various Oral Care Needs: Clean, Whiten, Polish, Gum Care and Sensitive.
With the stylish, simple and elegant design and most practical and powerful functions, Vsmile electric toothbrushes will be the ideal gifts for your friends and family!

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With the stylish, simple design and most practical functions, Vsmile sonic electric toothbrushes will be the ideal gifts for your friends and family! 

1) 2200mAh Battery Ensures Ultra-long Lasting Power: our battery capacity is 3 times that of other electric toothbrushes. 8-12 hours charging supports 65-80 days using (twice a day). 
2) Upgraded Sonic Technology & Ultra-powerful Motor: 31,000 TRUE sonic strokes per minute, thoroughly clean your teeth and improve gum health within 2 weeks.
3) Waterproof: A waterproof silicone ring+ A waterproof Inductive charging bottom + IPX7 Waterproof Design—Suitable for using in the bath and shower.— Suitable for using in the bath and shower.
4) Inductive charging: Water will not flow into the the toothbrush bottom, which effectively enhances battery life. The design also can effectively prevent electric leakage, short circuit and battery corrosion.
5) DuPont Brush: Blue bristles will fade as time passes, reminding you to change your brush head.
6) Memory function: Stop after 2 minutes, the next time is the same mode.
7) 2-minute Smart Timer.
8) Multi Certifications: FCC, FDA, CE, ROHS.
9) Product specification:
Product name: Vsmile sonic electric toothbrush
Product color: Black
Rated voltage: DC 3.6V
Rated power: 2W
Output voltage: DC 5V
Net weight: 138g
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Use time per charging: 65-80 days

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  1. D***y2019-11-6

    Vsmile Electric Toothbrush,good for Travel.

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